How to make online money from blogging without any investment

How to make online money from blogging without any investment

How to make online money from blogging without any investment

Do you want to make money from blogging and you don’t want to invest money? I can assume that you are a new blogger because I have seen new bloggers never want to spend so much money on starting their blogger journey. As we all know it will take a few months to years to be a  professional blogger so you should learn new things in this time period. It's necessary that before starting blogging or after starting bogging you have to devote quality time for learning purposes. 

Blogging takes time to make online money so how much you will learn that much you will earn. Every year so many people start blogging as a hobby or try to make good sources for money but rarely 10% do continue blogging. In this field, you have to be a consistent player to play full innings. Researching, Learning, consistency, determination are the keys to becoming a successful blogger.

As I said before that today in this article I will give detailed information about how to start blogging without investment. To start blogging you must have a domain and you need hosting for a blog so you need money for purchasing a domain and hosting for your website. No, don’t need these things to start a blogging career. You can start blogging career without investing a single dollar. You will get a few free domains on the internet for a specific period after this period you have to pay money for your domain.  I would suggest not buying that kind of domain. Try to use Google's own Blogspot domain and Blogger for hosting. Still, my few blogs are running on Blogger. I always suggest using Blogspot domain and blogger for those people who want to start a blogging career, when you start earning then move to paid domain and hosting. I also stared bogging with the free Blogspot domain.

The benefit of using the Blogspot domain:

1. It's totally free, you don’t need to invest any money and you can also make a good amount of money from blogging.

2. It's very easy to use, you just need to search blogger on Google, Open blogger, and sign in with your Gmail. Then make your own Blogspot domain according to your blog.

3.  Being Google's own product its DA(Domain Authority ) is high and DA will definitely help you to rank your blog or articles on Google top 10 pages.

4. You might have heard that the Blogspot domain never get a high position, its wrong. Still, you can see several Blogspot domains are ranking  1st page of Google.

Blogspot ranking on no. 1

5. If you upload a good and unique article on your website it will be easy to get Google Adsense from where you can make money online without investment. Your article should be 100% plagiarism free and Grammatical error-free. If you don’t get approval from Google Adsense then you can use other alternative ads networks.

6. You don’t need to use a premium paid template for an attractive look, You can use a free blogger template but I would suggest trying to use free Blogger premium templates(it's absolutely free), You just need to customize your blog according to your needs. It will give an attractive look to your blog and it will also help you get AdSense approval from Google.

How to create a Blogspot domain?

1.  Type Blogger on Google or open your Google app box. Sign in with your Gmail, after signing you will choose your blog name and enter your desired domain name, then the blogger will check whether this domain is available or not if available then it will show a blue tick. After that, you can start your blogging without any investment.

blogging without any investment.

2.  Choose Blogger templates, there are so many templates available on blogger. You can choose according to your blog, But I would suggest if you want to give an attractive look to your blog then try to install a free blogger premium template which available on the internet free of cost. Search Free blogger template on Google, you will get thousands of free blogger templates. Install and customize properly according to your blog, now your blog 50% ready to make money from blogging.

3. Create mandatory pages for your blog like contact us, about us, terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer page which is necessary for Google Adsense and other ads networks. If you don’t know how to create these pages or how to generate privacy policy or terms and conditions then type Privacy policy generator or term and condition generator on Google, after that you will get various website websites. It’s absolutely free.

4. Now you are thinking what about the logo and Favicon, I have to pay money for this. As I promised I will completely guide you to make money from blogging without any investment. Please read the below article on how to design a logo free of cost.

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5. After designing your blog is completely ready to make money online, Just upload unique content and after 15-20 articles add google sitemap and when your blog getting good traffic then send it for Google AdSense, after that you can make money from blogging without investment.

I hope guys you have understood the whole process of making money from blogging without investment. Most of the successful bloggers started their career as you. At first learn how to make money from blogging, what are the criteria, how to get traffic to your website, how to create backlinks for your website then go for paid domain or hosting. If you like this article please subscribe to my blog or follow on social media to get daily notifications.

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