How to get a job in TCS? How to get a job in TCS BPS?

How to get a job in TCS? How to get a job in TCS BPS?

How to get a job in TCS

TCS( Tata Consultancy Services) is India’s largest IT Company.  It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group of Companies. TCS is one of the biggest employers in India. TCS always hires fresher graduates and experienced people as per their demand.

Making a bright career in India's biggest IT sector is a very good option for those who have just passed out from their universities and looking for a job from where they can learn something and also enhance their skills.

Most of the people don’t know how TCS conducts the Recruitment process.  In this article, I am going to give you full information regarding this. Being a former employee of this company I know the whole process of how they are conducting their recruitment process. I know that without guidance it is quite difficult to find a job in TCS. But today I will help and guide all simple graduates like students from Arts, Commerce, and Science stream. Most of the B tech or BE candidates get the placement opportunity but most of the Simple graduates don’t get the opportunity for placement to any Company. Today I will guide you on how to get a Job in TCS without B tech or B.E. Degree. Yes, friends if you don’t have an engineering degree but still you can get a job in TCS. Now the most important is how?

Let me clear all things. TCS mostly works two parts- IT, ITES. TCS also working as a BPO/BPS. If you want to want to make a bright career in a Company like TCS and you don’t have an engineering degree then it is the best option for you. Don’t worry you can also move to IT after completing the period and if you have any IT related skills.

Eligibility criteria for TCS BPS jobs:

Qualification: If you are a regular Bachelor's Degree holder then you can apply for a job in TCS BPS. Mostly they hire fresher graduates. They don’t allow you if you have done your graduation in distance learning mode or if you have an educational gap. Sometimes they hire post-graduate as per their demand in the process. You should have a minimum of 50% in your Academics (Not Mandatory for BPS). I have seen most of the time interviewers ask your qualification percentage.

Age: your age should be minimum of 18 years to apply for a job in TCS. Sometimes TCS BPS also hire experience person whose age more than 30 years.

Skill and Certification: As I said TCS BPS always looking for a person who is a fresher graduate and very eager to learn new things. They usually don’t ask for any specific certificate or certification program. In a Competitive job world, it will be easy for you to get a job if you have any certificate in a specific program. IF you have any IT related skill and certificate then you may get a chance to move to IT from BPS after completing a specific time period in the organization.

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You should have good knowledge of English (Both Verbal and written) and quantitative, reasoning. If you are fresher you have to give an assessment that comprises English, Quantitive aptitude, reasoning. At first, practice properly and then go for an interview because if you fail at your first attempt then you have to wait 6 months to give another interview in TCS.

I Just want to mention one thing here. It's also very important for you, if you have given an interview in TCS BPS then you could not attend an interview within 6 months after giving your interview.

How to Apply:

I am sharing with you few best methods to get Job in TCS.

1. EP number is mandatory for TCS Interview. After visiting the TCS BPS carrier page create your profile with TCS Careers. Once your profile created, log in with registered email id and password and fill the application form properly If you are unable to create your EP number then call the toll free number 1800-209-3111 or mail them regarding your issues. After visiting the TCS BPS carrier page you will get all the detailed information regarding how to fill the application. What is the mandatory document you need to upload?

Note: always type TCS BPS carriers Page, Don’t type only TCS careers page on Google.

2. Campus Placement:  Usually, TCS BPS Hire from College campus placement. Contact your college placement cell for all detailed information to get a job in TCS.

3. Make your profile on several Job sites and upload your resume. If there are any vacancies in TCS BPS and if your profile matches with recruiter's requirements then you will get this job Notification.

4. Try to Contact with them who is already working in TCS BPS. In TCS there is a program called Bring your buddy where an existing employee can refer you.

5. The most effective way to get a job in TCS. I think you have heard the affirmative action program. If you don’t know please do Google. TCS also conducting the  Affirmative Action Program(Part of Company’s CSR), it’s a short term training program objective making trainees get equipped with basic skill and industry demanded skills so that they become ready for the job after training.

Making a career in TCS is the very right choice. You can learn so many things from this organization. It is a vast place for learning and enhances your skills. TCS also gives you job security. You can also join other programs after getting a job in TCS. I have shared all my experience with you to get proper guidance. If you get proper guidance it will be easy for you to get the job.

I have tried to give all the essential information in this article, if you like this article then share it with your friends.

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