How To Get A Job In BPO? How To Get Job In The Best BPO Sector?

How To Get  A Job In BPO? How To Get Job In The Best BPO Sector?

How To Get  A Job In BPO

Making a carrier in BPO sectors is very good, but now it has also become quite difficult for a job in top BPO/ITES Sectors. As an employee of India’s one of the biggest IT Companies I can definitely guide you in the right direction to get a job in BPO.

If you are just pass out. If you are a simple graduate, I am taking about students from  Arts, science, commerce streams and looking for a job then I would suggest that go for a BPO job. In BPO sectors fresher as well as the experienced person can apply for their suitable job role.

Before Applying for a job in BPO Sectors you should have good knowledge in the BPO Sector. At first, you should know What is BPO Sector? What it does or How Does it work?

What is BPO?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is a type of technical process that gives access to other company/organization to work on their behalf. In a simple word giving your backend processes to another company (vendor)to perform on their behalf is called Business Process Outsourcing.

let’s take an example of a renewed airline. Their core business is flying and they just want to focus on it. There are also many other processes attached to it to have a smooth flying experience for the customer Like Ticket booking, Official website maintenance, handling cancellations, and refunds, Flight time schedule, managing frequent flyer programs, etc. As I said they are popular mostly for their flying operation and they just want to be more efficient in their flying operation business. Then they usually call for RFP (Request for proposal) to different service providers in the market (Very similar to the Bidding process in Construction project). After bidding and negotiation, the company chooses the best solution from the vendors and give the contract to that company. Let’s say ABCD Company has won the deal. Then they start their implementation process by their operations team. Then the selected company needs to understand the airline’s company’s processes in detail and simultaneously setup required IT  and  IT Infrastructure then start executing their processes. Now The Selected ABCD Company will work as BPO/BPS Company for the Airline.

BPO include activities like Finance and  Accounting, Supply chain management, Human resources outsourcing, Customer care support, Insurance, KYC processes of banks, digital activities, etc. In a BPO sector, there are many teams working for efficiently running its business, including Client coordination, Solutions, Transition, Compliance, Feedback, Operations, Transformation, Quality, etc.

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Eligibility criteria for BPO jobs


In India, If you are a Higher secondary passed then you can apply for a BPO job ( this is the minimum education qualification to get a job in BPO Sector ). Now Most of the Top BPO/ITES are hiring the person who is Graduate. Post-graduate also can apply as per the demand of the Company or Process.

Age Limit:

The minimum age for this job is 18 years and there is no upper limit. But Most of the BPO companies hire young and energetic people.

Skill and Certification:

The most important thing to get a job in BPO Sector is you should have good communication skills, you have to be an energetic and quick learner. If you  are very fluent in English you can also apply for an international BPO Job. If you have any certificate in a specific program( Both Technical / Non-Technical) it will be added as  an advantage to get a job in BPO Sector. As per my experience if you are very good at English( Both Verbal and written) it will be easier for you to get a job in BPO as compared to other applicants.

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How To Apply:

Now I have listed a few methods that will help to find your job

1. The most important thing to get a job in BPO Sector is to make a very attractive resume/Bio-Data that can attract your recruiter very easily. A resume is like a cover page of a book. When We visit any bookstall, we find the best book according to our needs. Basically, we pick up a few books according to our needs. After that, we just find which book is the best by seeing the cover page of those books, because it is not possible to read the whole book within a very short time period. When we find any specific thing  which we are looking for in this then we used to choose this book out of other books similarly when a recruiter sees your Resume/ Bio-data and if he or she finds the specific skill set that you have mentioned in your Resume then they will select you.

2. Make a good list of Best Companies and frequently visit their carrier page to get job notifications. If you like any Job role which is suitable for you can directly apply for this post.

3. Create an account on various job sites. Make a good profile by inputting all details (Contact details, Educations, certifications, skills, etc) and upload your resume to those sites. After that, if your profile matches any recruiters’ requirements then they will contact you.

4. You can also go for a walk-in interview directly if you know any Good Company.

5. Choose a specific Certification program after completing you might get a job in a specific field. There are many institutions are offering various online/offline courses along with 100% placement offers. After completing you might get a job in your specific field. Suppose you are enrolling for short term spoken English course after completing that you might get placed in International BPO.

6. Last but very effective way to get a job in your desired company. Try to make friends who are already working with any BPO/ITES Sectors. They can guide you also help you to get a job in BPO.

I hope guys you have understood that the whole process to get a job in a BPO Sector. Now working in the BPO sector has become popular among young Indians. It not only provides you a good job but you can also learn so many things from there.
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