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How to get job in USA

Do you know how to get a Job in the USA from India? If you don’t know how to get a job in the USA from India and willing to know the procedure to get a job in the USA then read this article. I am going to provide you full information regarding this.

In this competitive job world, the demand for standardized job opportunities is increasing day by day. Most of the qualified and skillful persons are always looking for a job which gives them a royal status and a good amount of salary. People always want to work at a place where he/she can learn and makes him the most skillful person.

As per new reports and data, job opportunities in abroad countries like America, England, Singapore, Newzealand, Switzerland, China growing slightly. With these new trends, most of the Experience and fresher job seekers are looking for a good job in abroad countries.

Out of the above abroad countries jobs in a developed country like America is very demanding but getting a job in the USA is not a piece of cake. You have to work really hard to get a job in the USA. With the growing demand for jobs in America, it's quite a difficult task to get a job in America. However, if you are really willing to make your career with a big American company then follow these few steps to ensure your jobs in America. 

As is said finding a job in the USA is not an easy task but not an impossible task for you if you have the zeal to join any company in America. Now the question is what are the procedures to get a job in the USA? How to be prepared for an interview to get a job in America.

Before finding your desire jobs in America you need to research a few things like types of jobs you like, detailed information about your favorite Company, whether in America, the best places to live, American community, etc. Ok, don’t be puzzled, I have provided the complete guide that you need to be followed to get your favorite jobs in the USA.

Best Job Searching Method:

At first, make a list of good companies where you want to start your career and start sending your job applications to your favorite companies located in different cities of America. Don't worry, all the detailed information about your favorite companies available on the internet, you can also read reviews of your desired companies by current and ex-employees of that organization so that you can get a clear idea about your organization and work culture. You can find a job through an Online job Portal and you can also read reviews from that job portal. In India, there are various consultancy firms offer abroad jobs so you can also contact with best consultancy firms but beware of the fake consultancy firms that offer jobs by proving money. A direct approach to any company or directly apply to the company's official website is the best way to apply for a job in the USA.

Online Job Portals:

Nowadays the internet is the best option to find any jobs offered by abroad companies. Because of this, it has become an extremely easy task for all of us to search for any jobs on the internet and getting the result easily. There are various job portals that are available on the internet providing the best information regarding your dream jobs and companies. You can also get the latest and best job notifications for you by filtering specific job locations, experience, skills, qualifications, etc. 

I have provided the best jobs portals to find Jobs in the USA:

  • Indeed.
  • Glassdoor.
  • CareerBuilder.
  • Google for Jobs.
  • SimplyHired.
  • Naukri.

Tips to get a job in the USA

  1. Fill the application form very carefully and don't provide any wrong information. 
  2. Try to gain experience in your specialized filed at least 2-4 years before applying for any jobs in America.
  3. Mention your specific skills and certification programs ( if you have done any certification course) on the online application form.
  4. Make a strong Linkedin profile that can attract your employer very easily.
  5. If your desired company asked for an interview, ask them to take interviews through online mediums or other web conferences.
  6. Try to speak English in the American accent and also watch a few Hollywood movies without English subtitles so that you understand their accent very easily and you can be prepared for an interview.
  7. Check Your email regularly to get job alerts and other important emails from your applied jobs.
If you follow these above steps then you will get your desired job in the USA very easily.

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Work Permit:
The most important factor after getting a job is the work permit. Being Indian you need a work permit to join any company in America.
Work Permit is necessary for all non-USA citizens. You need Employment Authorization Document (EAD) also known as a work permit for working in the USA. EAD issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that provides temporary employment authorization to noncitizens in the United States (usually one year)

After getting the Work Permit for the USA, Visa is also very necessary things to get a job in the USA. There are various types of Visas available for various purposes, In case of getting the permission of working in the USA you need to have The H1-B visa that enables you and other foreigners to work temporarily for a specific employer in the United States. Getting the H1-B visa is a long process, you need to keep patience to acquired this visa.

So these are some of the requirements which should be fulfilled before you apply for any jobs in the USA. Getting a job in the USA might take your precious time because its a very long process. Keep studying and enhancing your skills to get your dream job very easily.

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