How to earn from News App? How to make money online from the News app in 2020

How to earn from News App? How to make money online from the News app in India

How to earn from News App?

Reading a Newspaper in the early morning is a trend for the people who love to read newspapers. But due to the busy schedule in a day, it has become quite difficult for us to read the newspaper daily basis. That is why most of the newspaper agencies or publishers have brought a News app or E-paper for those people who are always busy with their work schedule or don't have enough time to read the newspaper. I think you are also using any news app to get daily news about what is trending, what is happening around the world.

Now You can also earn from the News app or News websites. Today in this article I will discuss how to earn from News App and what are the best apps to make money online in India. There are several apps are available in the market from there you can earn a good amount of money. You can earn money along with your regular job. You don’t have to pay so much time or effort to earn money from a news app, after reading this article you will be able to make money from the News website or News app.if you want you can take it as your main profession then you can also take as your main profession. You can earn 10$-100$ daily basis from these news apps.

I have listed a few best news website from where you can make money

UC News App: 

Most of the News bloggers are earning a good amount of money from this News app, UC news is the best option for making money online from the News app. We know about UC Browser and I think most of the android phone users are using this browser for browsing purposes. When we open this browser we see news on the homepage if you create an account on UC Browser and if you post articles on any topics then UC Brower and UC News users can see your post regularly. It is a very good part-time job in India. It's quite different from regular blogging. You don’t need to write 1000 words articles like typical blogging or don’t need to create backlinks, on-page SEO, off-page SEO to rank your article on goggle’s top pages. Just article on trending topics and earn money easily
Create an account and select the category in which you want to write your article, I would suggest writing on Cricket, entertainment or you can choose Tech category, Indians are very fond of reading an article on these topics rather than other topics. I am not saying that if you create your account in other categories you can't earn money, I am just saying you will get more views if you write in these categories and more views mean more money.

Daily Hunt: 

Another very famous app is the Daily hunt. Initially renewed news publishers were publishing their articles on this platform but now it has introduced a new platform where you also can write your articles and make money online through this news app. If your articles get more views, shares, likes, and comments then you can earn more from Dailyhunt like UC News.

Dailyhunt and UC Browser provide news in Several regional Languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali so on. You are not good at English you can write in your regional language.
Apart from this, you can earn from Google news. If you have a website then you can earn a good amount of money from Google News. If you don’t have any account then you can create your news blog on Free Blogspot domain and Free Blogger Hosting.

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