How to be prepared for a job interview? How to prepare for an interview?

How to be prepared for a job interview? How to prepare for an interview?

How to prepare for an interview?

The interview has become a mandatory stage to step into an organization. From Small Startup to Big MNC are taking an interview to evaluate candidate's skills and behavior.

You have given the Interview multiple times but you probably did not get any job offer. Ok, today in this article I will help and guide you to organize for any employment interview.

Before going for an interview at you should know about the types of interviews conducting by an Organization. Nowadays there are several types of interviews conducting by an Organization to elevate the candidates. In this article, I have listed mostly very common types of the interview here.

Types of Interview:

1.            Traditional interview or one to one Interview
2.            Panel Interview
3.            Group Interview
4.            Phone or Telephonic Interview
5.            Online Interview
6.            Behavioral Interview
7.            Task-oriented Interview

The first two types of interview are very common types of the interview; Most of the organizations select eligible candidates through these types.

I am starting from the beginning.  When you are going to give an interview at first you need to research jour job role. Read the job description carefully if you find the job role is suitable for you and the skills you have that is matching with the recruiter's required skill then go for that interview.

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Only extensive research can give you a better idea about the job role and your desired Company. At first, you need to collect all the essential information about your desired company. Like when your company was established?  in how many countries they are operating their business, so far any achievement they have done or no, types of business operations, etc.

How to research and analyze your desired company?

Analyze your Job: Before applying for any post at first analyze your job role properly and try to find matches with your skills. When if you are going to apply for a job role then make sure you have all the specific skills and experience described in Job Description. If you don't know about your job role then it would be a quite difficult task for you to get selected in an organization. This is the Best way to prepared for a job interview

Research and Gather information: It is a very important and crucial part of the interview.  After analyzing your job roles it is important to research and gather information about the desired company. Try to note as much as possible information about your desired company. Basically, visit their official page and find the information from About Us page otherwise you can get plenty of information from Wikipedia. It will also help you to prepare for questions about the company. Try to find company review from clients, Current and former employee. Just visit any job site and type your company name, you will easily get the company’ es reviews by the employees of that organization. This information definitely helps you to prepare for an interview.

Practice Interviewing: Try to practice interviewing with your friends or family members. Otherwise, try to practice interviews in front of the mirror. If you are not good at English, Try to improve your English as much as you can. Try to speak English without any grammatical errors. If possible try to join Online or Offline mock interview classes, because it will definitely help you to get a simulator interview environment and it also builds up your confidence level which is the very necessary thing to get through at any interview. If it is not possible to join Mock interview classes then I would suggest reading all basic grammar rules which are necessary for making a sentence and try to hear English commentary or all India radio channel it will definitely help you to increase your fluency level of verbal English. One of My trainers told me that how much you heard that much you could speak. We have seen so many videos where people are speaking English fluently without reading any grammar book or without taking any spoken English courses. Nowadays speaking in English has become almost the necessary skill to get a job in IT Company or BPO.

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Dress Code: If you are going to give an interview for a professional position then your outfit should be Formal. Regardless of the sort of job you're interviewing for, that first impression should be an excellent one. The first impression is always considered as the most important thing for an interview. If your first impression is good then you can increase your chance to get selected in your desired company. If you are going to an interview for Supermarket, Restaurant where you always have to interact with the customer so it is important to be neat, well-groomed and tidy to present a good image to your employer.

Important things to Bring to an Interview: It is very necessary what to bring with you while you are going to give an interview. Most Important documents like extra copies of your resume, a listing of your reference, If you are going to ask any questions to a recruiter then make a proper listing of your questions, carrying a water bottle with you. If you are carrying a mobile phone with you then try to switch off your phone during the interview.

Interview Etiquette: Appropriate meeting decorum is significant for a job interview. Make sure to welcome your interviewer and other people you meet cordially, wonderfully, and excitedly. Shakes your hands firmly and makes eye contact with your interviewers and try to maintain your body language as well. These prospective employee meeting behavior tips will assist you in establishing the best connection with the recruiting director.

Listen carefully and ask questions properly: During a Job interview try to listen to your interviewer's questions carefully then give your answers. If you don’t listen to your interviewer questions or you are not paying attention then you would not be able to give answers properly. Try to build a friendly relation with your interviewer rather than giving direct answers to questions. If you have a question or if you don’t know any question’s answer which is asked by your interviewer then ask these questions politely. Try to show zeal for the specific job role.

Follow up with a thank-you note: Follow up a job interview with a thank you note emphasizing your enthusiasm for the activity. This thanks letter is also the precise opportunity to speak about whatever of significance that your interviewer left out to invite or that you left out to reply as thoroughly, or as well, as you'll have liked.

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