Best Husband Wife Jokes Of The Year, Best Relationship Jokes

Best Husband Wife Jokes Of The Year, Best Relationship Jokes

Best Husband Wife Jokes Of The Year

I have collected the best Husband and wife jokes for you. Let me inform which one is your favorite.
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Best Husband Wife Jokes In English
The Bantu and his wife are asleep late at night. Suddenly the wife dreamed and started shouting-
Wife: Get up, hurry up. My husband has arrived! 
After listening to this Bantu quickly opened the window and jumped from the second floor to the street. Then He realized that He jumped out of his own bedroom's window! But by then, his leg was broken.
In such a situation, both of them are now wondering, whose fault is it?

Husband Wife Jokes In English
Wife: You love me a lot before marriage.
Nantu: Yes, I Loved you a lot darling.
Wife: Then after marriage why don't you love me like before?
Bantu: As I said before, I have no interest in married women.

Funny Husband Wife Jokes In English
One day Bantu's wife says to the Bantu-
Wife: The door lock is broken. Please repair it if possible
Bantu: Am I a carpenter or not?
After a while
Wife: The shower is not working. See what happened?
Bantu: Am I a plumber or not?
When the Husband came from the office in the afternoon and saw the door and lights were fixed.
Bantu: Who fixed these?
Wife: Our neighbor Nantu. In return, he asked for a Chicken burger or a kiss.
Bantu: You must have given him a chicken burger?
Wife: Am I a fast food shop?

Husband  And Wife Jokes In English
Wife: How much do you love me?
Bantu: I love you so much, I can never make understand you.
Wife: please tell me how much you love me.
Bantu: Suppose I am a mobile and you are my SIM card. Such as mobile without SIM card; I am like that without you.
Wife: Wow, you are so romantic!
Bantu:  She did not understand that I am a China mobile with four SIMs cards slot.

Husband  And Wife Funny Jokes In English
Wife: What will you do if I get lost?
Bantu: I will do something that will really surprise you.
Wife: Tell me first what you will do.
Bantu: I will advertise in the Newspaper and News Channel.
Wife: What will you write in the advertisement?
Bantu: My wife is lost. Whoever finds her, she will become his property.

Best Husband  And Wife Jokes
Bantu his and wife are taking rest. The phone is ringing.  At one point the wife gets up and goes to pick up the phone.
Bantu: If anyone wants me, tell me, I am not at home.
Wife: He is at home now, call me later.
Bantu: What did I tell you and what did you say!
Wife: That was my call.

Funny Husband  And Wife Jokes In English
Wife: Guests are coming, but there is nothing in the house except simple rice and Egg Curry, what should I do now?
Bantu: When she arrives, you will throw a dish in the kitchen.
Wife: What will happen if I throw it away?
Bantu: Then I will ask, ‘What happened?’ You will say that Chilli chicken has fallen.
Wife:  Then?
Bantu: Then throw another dish. You will then say, ‘Biryani has fallen’. Then I would say, 'OK, bring the Egg Curry, The guest will not mind then.
then sound of dishes coming from the kitchen after the guests came in real-
Bantu: What happened?
Wife: The Egg curry, has fallen from my hand!

Desi Husband  And Wife Jokes In English
Wife: Tell me right now how much you love my relatives? 
Husband: I love your mother-in-law more than my mother-in-law.
Wife: Thank you, you are my favorite Husband.

Desi Husband  And Wife Jokes
Bantu and his wife Sohini are talking-
Sohini: I had a dream last night.
Bantu: What?
Sohini: I saw that you bought me some diamond jewelry for me!
Bantu: I had the same dream!
Sohini: What did you see?
Bantu: Your father was with me when I was buying the jewelry. And he gave the whole money.

Naughty Husband  And Wife Jokes
Nantu goes to a bank and tells the bank official-
Nantu: I want to borrow 10 lakh rupees.
Officer: For what purpose will you take a loan?
Nantu: I will buy a car with this money.
Officer: All right, I'm making arrangements. But as I said before, if you can't repay the money within the stipulated time, the bank will take your car.
Nantu: Yes! Don't tell me first? If I had known before, I would have got married to my wife by taking a loan!

Best Husband  And Wife Jokes
One day Bantu came to the police station and said-
Bantu: My wife is lost.
Inspector: When?
Bantu: A month ago!
Inspector: Then why are you saying after so many days?
Bantu: Until yesterday it seemed like I was dreaming!

Funny Husband  Wife Jokes 
There is a traditional live program on one of the TV channels-
Presenter: Hello, where did you call from?
Caller: I am from India.
Presenter: Where is India from?
Collar: Kolkata.
Presenter: Wow! I also live in Kolkata, Where do you live in Kolkata?
Caller: In Shining Star's apartment.
Presenter: What a surprise! I also live in that apartment! What is your flat number?
Caller: Hey fool, I am your husband! Where did you leave the house key?

Naughty Husband  Wife Jokes 
Newly married in Winter. The boy ate early at night and went to bed. Seeing that his wife was not coming to bed, he came back to his mother and asked-
Son: Where is my teddy?
Mom: it is on your bed.
After a while, the boy came back and asked-
Son: Where is my teddy?
Mother: look at your bed.
The boy came back after a while and asked-
Son: Mom can't sleep without my teddy.
Realizing all this, the boy's father could no longer control his anger.
Dad: Idiot, go to bed, your teddy is eating now.

Funny Husband  Wife Jokes 
Bantu: How many times have I told you not to look at your mobile while cooking.
Bantu's Wife: Why, what happened?
Bantu: Is it pulse? No salt, no spices!
Bantu's Wife: How many times have I told you not to eat while looking at your mobile phone?
Bantu: What is the problem?
Bantu's Wife: You didn't put pulses in the rice, you poured water!

Funny Husband  And  Wife Jokes In English
Nantu and Bantu are two friends. They are talking-
Nantu: Well, tell me, if you were given a chance to be reborn, what would you be?
Bantu: Cockroach.
Nantu: Why?
Bantu: Because my wife is afraid of that one thing!

Best Relationship Jokes In English
It was  10 o'clock at night. It's raining heavily outside. At that time Nantu came to eat at the food shop.
Shopkeeper: Don't mind, sir, are you married?
Nantu: what do you think? Did I come out to eat this stormy night after arguing with my mom?

Husband  And  Wife Best Jokes In English
After a heated argument between Bantu and his wife-
Wife: But this time I will force you to divorce!
Bantu: Hey, eat chocolate.
Wife:  I don't need, what do you think, I will forget everything after earing chocolate.
Bantu: Actually My mother used to said, ‘to have a sweet before good work'

Husband  And  Wife Desi Jokes In English
After eating and drinking at night and watching TV, the Bantu and his wife started an argument.
Wife: You are an idiot.
Bantu: Why
Wife: You really a graduate?
Bantu: Yes.
Wife: Then why don't you know the meaning of the word wife?
Bantu: Who tells you that I don't know.
Wife: Tell me if you know.
Bantu: The one who causes the fall of one's husband is called the wife.

Husband  Wife Funny Jokes
One day Nantu was reading the magazine very carefully. His wife came in front of him with a very dissatisfied and annoyed face and said-
Wife: Even if I were a magazine, you would still pay close attention to me.
Nantu: I also wish that if you were a magazine, I would see a new look every day!

Funny Jokes On Husband Wife
Bantu: Are you happy in married life?
Nantu: Yes brother, We are so happy, We go to the restaurant two days a week on a regular basis. After dinner there, after watching movies, we walked back to our home. Tell me, this a characteristic of a happy couple or not?
Bantu: When do you go to the restaurant?
Nantu: I go on Monday and my wife goes on Sunday.

Desi Husband  And Wife Jokes
When Bantu returns home late-
Wife: Where have you been for so long?
Bantu: At a Nantu's house.
Wife: What were you doing?
Bantu: I was playing ludo.
Wife: Then why does your body smell of whiskey?
Bantu: But what will it smell like, ludo?

Funny Husband  And Wife Jokes In English
Wife: Today when I went to wash your pants and found a 100 rupees note in your pocket.
Bantu: Where is my money?
Wife: I threw it away.
Bantu: Why did you throw it away?
Wife: Because that money was fake.
Bantu: How did you know that the money was fake?
Wife: I see you are very stupid, 100 rupees has two zeros, but there were three zeros.
Bantu: Fool, You threw away my one thousand rupees note!

I hope friends you have enjoyed reading these funny jokes on Husband and Wife, If you like this then please share and comment below which one your favorite.

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