100 Funny WhatsApp, Facebook jokes in English, Funny Jokes for WhatsApp

100 Funny WhatsApp, Facebook  jokes in English, Funny Jokes for WhatsApp

Funny Jokes For WhatsApp, Facebook

Jokes always useful for amusement, Jokes can bring a smile to one's face, Today I Have listed more than 100 Premium funny jokes for WhatsApp, Facebook. Share Jokes on Social Media and Spread Happiness.

Funny English Jokes For WhatsApp

Funny WhatsApp Jokes in English
Journalist: How did you sell your books ver quickly?
Author: 1 lakh books have been sold in 1000 places in a single day due to a single spelling mistake.
Journalist: What? What is the reason behind this?
Author: Book name is "How to change your life" But, mistakenly printed "How to change your wife"

Jokes in English for WhatsApp
Nantu called Radio's RJ during the program
Nantu: Hello.
RJ: Yes, I am RJ King.
Nantu: I found a bag on the street a little while ago. So I got 80 thousand rupees, a credit card and an identity card of a man named Bantu.
RJ: You are so honest that you want to give everything back to Mr. Bantu even after getting so much.
Shall I tell Mr. Bantu on the radio to contact you now?
Nantu: I called you because Mr. Bantu is in trouble now, so I want to dedicate a sad song to him through your radio.

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English jokes for WhatsApp
During the First World War, when there was a military crisis, the authorities made it a rule that one young man from each family should take part in the war. Robert was reluctant to join the military team.
When he was called for a medical fitness test, he submitted his wife's urine sample to the Army Hospital as his own urine sample. His wife had diabetes. If he is diagnosed with diabetes, he will be declared unfit and will not have to go to war.
The next day, the young man received a letter from the military hospital authorities. Congratulations! You should immediately contact our gynecology department. Because you are going to be a mother.

Funny Interview Jokes In English T
he Interviewer asked the candidate in the interview board-
Interviewer: Imagine you are on the 20th floor of a 40-story house. At that time the earthquake started. Everyone started running. What will you do at that time?
Candidate: I'll stop imagining!

WhatsApp English Funny Status
Bantu has joined as a junior pilot
Bantu suddenly lost control of the aircraft while flying. He began to pray for help on the radio.
Bantu: I can't control the plane at all. Help me
Air Traffic Controller: Don't panic. Calm down. First, tell me about your location and height.
Bantu: My height is 5 feet 6 inches and position is at the front of the aircraft!

Jokes in English for WhatsApp Status
Rabbit: How old are you?
Elephant: 6 years.
Rabbit: But you look so big.
Elephant: I eat nutritious food, how old are you?
Rabbit: 10 years.
Elephant: How? You look so small.
Rabbit: I go to the gym regularly and exercise!

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Facebook funny jokes in English
Bantu: Well mom, why is your hair so white?
Mother: When the children are naughty, the parents' hair turns white.
Bantu: Oh, that's why my grandmother's hair is whiter.

Funny WhatsApp Jokes in English
Little Dolly was sitting and drawing. At that time mother said-
Mother: Dolly, what are you doing?
Dolly: I'm writing a letter to Nantu, Mom.
Mom: But you don't know how to write yet.
Dolly: Nantu still doesn't know how to read.

funny jokes in English for WhatsApp
Nantu is a fruit shopkeeper. One day a strange customer came to his shop-
Buyer: Give me a kilo of apples. Give each apple in a separate packet.
Nantu did just that.
Buyer: Now give me one kg of mango. In this case, he also gives each mango in a different way.
Nantu did just that.
The buyer was then looking at what else was in Nantu 's shop. Nantu quickly hide the grapes with both hands and said, 'Brother, I don't sell grapes!'

Funny Quotes in English for Facebook
Boss: The men who spend more time in the office, always working overtime, are actually very hardworking. Their wives are very happy.
Bantu: You are wrong sir, The real reason is - either they are constantly tortured by their wives at home or they are attracted to someone else in the office.

Funny Quotes in English for WhatsApp
Conversation between shopkeeper and Bantu.
Bantu: What is the name of your shop?
Shopkeeper: What do you need?
Bantu: Yes. What is the name?
Shopkeeper: I said what do you need?
Bantu: You are a good man.
Shopkeeper: Hey brother, The name of my shop is 'What you need'.

Funny English Jokes For WhatsApp

Funny Short Conversation in English
Bantu bought a new computer. So he happily went to his father and said-
Bantu: Dad, I'm buying a computer.
Dad: Hmm, good. What is it?
Bantu: It's a monitor.
Dad: That?
Bantu: That's the CPU.
Dad: And what is it?
Bantu: It's the keyboard.
Dad: And what is that?
Bantu: That's a mouse.
Bantu's father slaps Titu on the cheek-
Father: Stupid boy, so where is the computer?

Funny Quotes In English for WhatsApp Status
Bantu ordered a pizza.
Waiter: Sir, I'll make it eight pieces, or four pieces?
Bantu: Do it all four, eight will be too much, I can't eat.

Funny WhatsApp Quotes In English

Going to see the marathon-
Bantu: Well why are so many people running?
Bantu's Uncle: It's a marathon, everyone is running, the champion says he will get the prize.
Bantu: If only the champion gets the prize, then why are the others running?

Funny Quotes In English for Facebook
Little Bantu has always been very kind, 
One day a woman was standing on the bus! So Bantu said, "Aunty, I get up, you sit in my place."
As soon as he spoke, the woman threatened Bantu and gave him a slap!
But why?
In fact, Bantu was sitting on his father's lap!

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Jokes for WhatsApp in English
A naughty Bantu came to his mother 
Bantu: Why do we use electric iron?
Mom: To plain wrinkled things.
After some time, a scream was heard from the room of the grandmother! Mom rushed from the kitchen-
Mother: What happened?
Bantu: I'm ironing Grandma's cheeks!

Jokes for WhatsApp Status in English
One day Bantu went to a tailor to make pants. Asking the tailor how much is the wage-
Bantu: Well, how much would it cost to make full pants?
Tailor: 600 rupees.
Bantu: Shorts?
Tailor: 350 rupees.
Bantu: And underwear?
Tailor: 200 rupees.
Bantu: All right, then you make me a panty. He extended the hem of his underwear and extended it to the ankles.

English WhatsApp jokes
Bantu is looking at almost all the designs of the shop while choosing shoes. The shoe showroom was completely destroyed. But I didn't like either one. At that moment, he noticed a different box.
Bantu: Show me that box, please. I will see the design inside it.
Shopkeeper: Please don't want to see that anymore!
Bantu: How is that? The customer wants to see.
Shopkeeper: Sir, that's my lunch box!

Funny WhatsApp jokes In English 
Little boy Bantu is good at using technology. Computers, mobile phones are all at his fingertips. One day Bantu's father bought a football for him.
Bantu happily lost his temper and said, Wow! Dad, great! But where is the usage?

WhatsApp funny jokes A tourist enters a restaurant while visiting the town of Siliguri. He entered and ordered two boiled eggs and tea. At the end of the meal, he was told the bill was thirty-five rupees.
Tourist: Eggs so expensive? Can't you find eggs here?
Waiter: Eggs are available, but tourists are not available.

Funny jokes in English for Social Media
Nantu got a job in Airtel Call Center. But on the first day, Airtel officials fired him. What happened on the first day?
First caller: Hello.
Nantu: Yes, How can I help you?
Caller: I am not getting a good signal.
Zahid: Hey Idiot, what's wrong? Now you can buy a Jio Sim.

Funny jokes in English
Bantu went to give an interview to the Air Force.
Questioner: Army, Navy, and Air Force Why did you choose Air Force out of these three?
Bantu: Only Air Force fighters can escape at speeds of up to 500 miles per hour. So that I can escape quickly.

Funny WhatsApp Status In English
Bantu wrote on the signboard that the house will be rented to the family without children.
Little boy Nantu: Uncle, I want to rent your house. I have no children. My parents will be with me.

Office Boss Jokes In English
One day before the official holiday, the boss's joke episode is going on. Everyone was laughing before the jokes were over. But there is no smile on Bantu's face-
Boss: Bantu, Why aren't you smiling? are you fine?
Bantu: Yes, sir, I'm fine.
Boss: Didn't like my jokes?
Bantu: Sir, the jokes are the same as before.
Boss: Then why aren't you smiling? Family problems?
Bantu: No sir.
Boss: Then?
Bantu: Sir, I quit my job. From now on I will laugh at the words of the new boss.

Housewife Jokes in English
Suddenly the bell rang at home. Banu went to open the door. As soon as he opened it, he was surprised.
Banu: Who are you?
Stranger:  I am your Facebook friend. Yesterday you gave a status that your housework is gone. After seeing that, I left my previous work and come to your house.
Banu: Where did you get my home address?
Stranger:  your son has given. He is again my Facebook friend.

Father-Son Jokes In English
Nantu: Dad, I'm your only child, aren't I?
Father: Yes, I hurt you so much.
Nantu: Well Dad, am I a boy or a girl?
Father: Why? You're a boy.
Nantu: If I were a girl, how many years ago would you marry me?
Father: Why? 7-8 years ago.
Nantu: How much does it cost to marry me?
Father: It would have cost less than a million.
Nantu: I don't need ten lakhs, you give eight lakhs. And marry me from the father of one million daughters.

Funny Jokes In English
Bantu asked the polling officer about the vote
Bantu: Sir, can these fingerprints be washed off with water?
Officer: No.
Bantu: Then sir! Can it be washed with soap?
Officer: No.
Bantu: Then how long will it take, sir?
Officer: Will go after one year.
Bantu: Then give me a little more sir?
Officer: Why?
Bantu: I'll put it in my hair, sir. Nowadays hair dyes do not last more than a week.

Funny Marriage Jokes In English
Modern marriage talks are going on-
Girl: I heard that the boy is very intoxicated?
Boy's side: It's a little bit… my son is very good in nature. I won't lie to you, I mean a little too much nowadays four or five pegs a day… but at night.
Girl's Side: We like the boy. Undoubtedly, the boy's earnings are quite good.

Whatsapp Jokes In English
Mohini's handbag was lost. Nantu came to get the bag and return it.
Mohini: Surprise. When I lost the bag, there was a 1000 rupees note inside, now there is a 10:100 note inside - how is that possible!
Nantu: Possible. Because before, when I went to return someone's bag, he didn't have enough money to reward me!

Funny WhatsApp Jokes In English One day Nantu went to the shopping mall in his autorickshaw with his girlfriend Sohini. Nantu parked the car in the parking lot and started to open one of the wheels of the car.
Sohini: Why are you turning the wheel of the auto?
Nantu: Can't you see there is parking for 2 wheels?

Funny WhatsApp Jokes In English
One day Nantu has taken his pet pigeons to the market. Telling the buyer-
Nantu: Take these pigeons, brother, very devoted.
Buyer: How do you understand that very devoted to master?
Nantu: Every time I sell these, they come back to my house.

Funny Jokes In English
Bantu went to a store to buy a cake-
Bantu: Brother, how much is the cake?
Shopkeeper: The price of two cakes is 25 rupees.
Bantu: So how much does this one cake cost?
Shopkeeper: 13 rupees.
Bantu: All right, give me another cake for 12 rupees.

Best Funny Jokes In English
One day Bantu proposed to Nantu to marry the only daughter of a rich man.
After hearing the proposal, the Nantu said-
Nantu: Give me a few days. I earn some money.
Bantu: You don't have to worry about earning money. You will own all the property. You don't even have to wait more than a few months to become a father. Everything is ready.

WhatsApp funny jokes in English
Bantu Went to a grocery store to buy sugar. The shopkeeper was about to pack.
Bantu: I'm asking you to give me sugar. Why are you giving me the salt?
Seller: I'm giving you sugar.
Bantu: Then why is 'salt' written on the bag?
Seller: So that the ants do not understand that it is sugar.

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