100 Best Teacher Student Jokes, Funny Teacher and Student Jokes

100 Best Teacher Student Jokes, Funny Teacher and Student Jokes

100 Best Teacher Student Jokes, Funny Teacher and Student Jokes

I have listed the best Funny Teacher and student jokes in English for you. Read and let me inform which one is your favorite. If you want to share any Funny jokes in English or Hindi then comment below I will include your jokes with credit in my next edition.

Teacher Student Jokes In English 
Teacher: asked a little boy
Teacher: tell me, three ducks are floating in the pond next to your house. If you shoot one with a shotgun, what will happen?
Nantu: Then all will fly away at the sound of the bullets, there will be none.
Teacher: Wrong, if you shoot one of the three, you'll have two. But I like your thoughts.
Nantu smiled and said, ‘Then Sir, I have a question. Tell me, three women came out of the ice cream parlor to buy some ice cream. One is biting ice cream, one is licking, another is sucking. Who among them is married? 
Teacher: I think the last one.
Nantu: Wrong, the one who has the wedding ring on her hand is married, but I like your thoughts too.

Teacher Students Funny Jokes
Madam: Who knows Akbar?
Bantu: No madam,
Madam: Pay attention to your studies, then you will recognize who is Akbar.
Bantu: Do you know Sumi Aunty?
Madam: No,
Bantu: Pay attention to your husband, then you will recognize her!

Funny teacher student jokes in English

Best Teacher Student Jokes In English
Teacher: Do you see my hand?
Bantu: Yes
Teacher: Shall I lose all your teeth in one slap?
Bantu: Have you seen my legs?
Teacher: What, what will you do?
Bantu: I won't do much. I will run away from here.

Teacher Student Jokes In English 
Teacher: Name an animal of the forest.
First student: Tiger.
Teacher: All right. Name another animal of the forest.
Second student: Very simple,  Another Tiger.

Funny Teacher  And Student Jokes In English
Teacher: Bantu, how did the composition of your and Nantu's horse become exactly the same?
Kamal: Sir, we both saw the same horse at the racing ground and we wrote that!

Teacher Student Jokes In English
Nantu wrote on his Facebook status, ‘Sitting in the Tuition class and chatting with my girlfriend"
The teacher immediately commented on this,‘ Get out from the class ’
Nantu's mother like the teacher's comment, wrote, 'Come home today. I would give punishment for this crime, you will sweep the house and wash all the dishes. '
Then the housemaid liked the mother's comment!

Best Teacher Student Jokes In English

Funny Teacher Student Jokes In English
Nantu and Bantu met on the school field at the end of the exam
Nantu: how was your Exam?
Bantu: The Exam was not good, But I will get number 5 for sure.
Nantu: How?
Bantu: Number 5 was for cleanliness! So I did not touch my pen in the exam paper! So I will get number 5 for sure.

Student And Teacher Jokes In English
Logic class in progress-
Teacher: I touched the table, the table touched the ground, so I touched the ground. This is an argument.
Bantu: I love you, you love your wife, so I love your wife.
After that teacher started beating him. 

Teacher Student Funny  Jokes In English
Teacher: Where is the capital of Thailand?
Bantu: I don't know, sir.
Teacher: Then stand on the bench.
Bantu: Sir, can I see the capital of Thailand, I stand on the bench?

Student And Teacher Jokes In English
Teacher: Students, tell me what did we learn from Newton's scientific theory?
Bantu: Sir, You should sit under the tree instead of sitting in class.
All Started laughing in the class.

Jokes In English On Teacher And Student
Teacher: Suppose someone dropped a bomb on our school grounds. What will you do
Bantu: Sir, let's wait and see if anyone picks it up or not?
Teacher: If no one takes it?
Bantu: I will run and pick it up from the School ground and put it under your chair!

Funny Teacher and Student jokes in English

Student Teacher  Jokes In English 
As soon as the Bantu returned from school, the mother caught him.

Mother: What did madam say you at school? Why you are crying?
Bantu: Said to have a good math teacher for your mother.
Mother: What do you mean?
Bantu: The maths you did in my homework are all wrong.

Teacher  and  Student Jokes In English 
The teacher writes in a student's report that the boy is good at reading and playing. The only fault he is very addicted to the girl. I'm trying to correct it.
The boy's father was not at home. Mom wrote down the report - thank you sir for your feedback. Let me know if you can find a way to correct this. The method should be applied to the son's father also.

Funny teacher student jokes

Best Teacher and Student Jokes
Teacher's asked a question to Nantu
Teacher: Nantu tell me which is the happiest animal?
Nantu: Elephant sir!
Teacher: Why?
Nantu: Because the elephant happily pulls out its teeth all the time.
The teacher was amazed to listen to the answer.

Funny Teacher Student Jokes
Teacher: Nantu, if I put a bag of money and a bag of knowledge in front of you, which one would you take?
Nantu: I'll take the bag which is filled with money.
Teacher: I would have taken the bag of knowledge.
Natu: You will take whatever you lack.

Jokes on students and teachers 
Dad: How was your test?
Boy: don't tell me, Dad, I couldn't write the answer to question number 1. I could not remember the answer to question number 2. No. 4 I did not understand where the question came from. The answer to question number 5 has been forgotten to write.
Dad: And number 7?
Boy: It was on the opposite side of the question paper, I didn't notice!
Father: And number 3?
Boy: Believe me, Dad, I just wrote the wrong answer to this question.

Student and Teacher Jokes
Teacher: I have decided, the laziest of you, that he does not have to give homework. Who is the laziest?
Everyone raised their hands except Bantu.
Teacher: Why you do not raise your hand?
Bantu: Sir, it's hard to raise my hand!

Desi Student and Teacher jokes
Teacher: If a horse is facing north, which side will its tail be on?
Student: To the south.
Teacher: Wrong, towards the ground.

Best Teacher Student Jokes
STUDENT: Sir, this time we've made a thing so that we can see what you're doing in the teacher's room.
Teacher: Really? it's a proud moment for us, This will one day lead you to a bigger goal. Is it something like a CCTV camera?
Student: No sir!
Teacher: Then?
Student: Sir, after many days of trying, I made a hole in the wall of the teacher room so that I can see you what you are doing in the teacher's room.

Best Teacher Student Jokes In English
The greedy Bantu was passing in front of Nantu's house. Suddenly he thought that the Mango of Nantu's house was very sweet. So he entered the house of Nantu.
Bantu: Nantu are you at home?
On hearing this, Nantu told his younger brother Bablu that he would eat all the Mangoes. Whatever you say, just tell him that I am not at home.
Bablu: My brother said that he is not at home.

Funny Teacher Student Jokes
Nantu went to give an interview for a job as a driver. Interview in progress
Interviewer: I would like to inform you that job will be given to you. The starting salary will be 10 thousand rupees. Do you have any requirements?
Montu: No sir, I have no problem. Starting salary is fine, but I think it is necessary to know the driving for this job?

Funny teacher student jokes in English

Best Jokes on Teacher and Student
Bantu: Sir may I ask you a question?
Teacher: ok, Ask me
Bantu: What is the meaning of I Don't know
Teacher: I don't know!
Bantu: If you don't know, what you will teach us?

Teacher and student jokes in English
Teacher: Tell me, the sun rises in the west or in the east?
Bantu: West
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because I have passed the examination.
Bantu: what is the relation between your examination and the sun?
Student: Because, my mother used to say that the day I pass, the sun will rise in the west. I have been in the same class for the last five years.

Funny Teacher Student Jokes

Funny  Jokes on Student-Teacher
Teacher: which class do you read in?
Bantu: Class Seven Second Year.
Teacher: What kind of class is this?
Bantu: because I've been studying in class Seven for the last two years.

Sir and Madam Jokes 
One teacher allows students to cheat on exams.
Teacher: don't say that I have given permission to copy when you go out.
Nantu:  I will go out and say, sir, he was very bad, he did not allow me to move during the test.

Best Trainer and Trainee Jokes
Trainer: Want to make money through Facebook?
Trainee: How?
Trainer: Go to the account settings option of your profile and deactivate the account.
Trainee: What will happen?
Trainer: Now give 100% focus on your study so that you can learn and earn money. 

Best Student and Teacher jokes 
Teacher: Well, have you done any good job today Nantu?
Nantu: Yes sir.
Teacher: What did you do?
Nantu: Sir, Bantu, and I  helped a blind woman to cross a road.
Teacher: That's fine, but why Both?
Bolt: Because the blind woman didn't want to cross the road.

Best Teacher and Student Jokes 
Teacher: You can never get a degree without studying.
Bantu: I can't agree with you, sir.
Teacher: Why?
Bantu: Sir, I don't know thermometer can read the temperature. but it has no degree.

Teacher Student Jokes In English
Teacher: Monty, name an animal whose initials are 'E'.
Monty: Elephant.
Teacher: Good! Now name an animal whose initials are 'L'.
Monty: Lots of elephants!

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